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Today is one for the vaults…

Exactly a year ago we completed our Kickstarter Campaign and got to properly start working on our beautiful creature.

Its been a long road and we have hit a number of roadbumps along the way… but today on this anniversary we are testing our release candidate build.

– and its all thanks to All of You!!

The plan is that later today we will release that to the Beta community and pass it to our testing partner Testology for one last check.

But we also plan to submit it to Apple and Google to go live as a soft launch in Sweden, Demark and Ireland.

We are going to try to keep the Beta versions working so that you can carry on playing but there is a risk that we might have trouble because of the way those store operate.

In the soft launch version if you spend money – or watch Ads – you will actually be really spending money and watching real ads… Which will be good for us (it all helps us make more with the game) but we felt it was important to warn you. Beta Level Kickstarter backers and above need to be careful about this as you will be getting all of the premium content for free as soon as we can implement the system which will identify you from the game.  That part is proving a little tricky but WILL come before the full launch.

You should also keep the items you have unlocked so far in testing. Now we aren’t 100% sure this will work – but if you have logged in using Facebook before reinstalling the coming version that should work.

We will also be wiping all existing shared dances currently live on the service.  The reason is that there is a lot of test content we’ve created and some dances that don’t work any more because we changed the TimeWarp (we cut the speaking at the beginning of the track because it took too long to get started).

If you will be willing to help us create dances for other people to play over the weekend please remember to ‘Share’ then (there is a button on the Rewards Machine) so we get a videos of your gameplay to watch too.

I know much of my weekend will be taken up creating those and them Aaron and I will select the best examples to become our ‘Featured’ dances.

Even if you don’t want to create a dance; playing them and then rating them as ‘Easy’ ‘Hard’ or ‘Bad’ will be really helpful.  However, best to wait till you know we have cleared down the original test content.

So here we go – moving into the next stage of our amazing journey… This is a time for us to celebrate – and we will be raising our collective glasses on Tuesday 6th June – the same day we plan to put the game into soft launch (if all goes well). We are delighted that Andy Leighton, original music producer of the show; Kristian Lavercombe, UK Tour Riff Raff; Dominic Andersen, UK Tour Rocky have told us they will be joining us as well as Stephanie & David Freeman from Timewarp UK.

We are also super grateful to our partners GameSparks who are generously helping us with the party as well as providing the backend we use to manage the game. Check out their update about the party

If you are in the UK we do have a few spare regular tickets left:

We’d love to have you join us.

In the meantime here is a shared dance to whet your appetite:

Oscar ClarkToday is one for the vaults…
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