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The Time Warp Picnic & Raffle Update!

Seems like just yesterday….

No heavy, black, and pendulous storm clouds in sight…

We had the absolute pleasure of attending the tenth Time Warp Picnic at Oakley Court this year, so we wanted to write a quick thank you message!

Firstly thanks to everyone at the Time Warp Fan Club for making it such a memorable and wonderful occasion. Steph and David were wonderful hosts!

We also would like to thank Oakley Court for letting us freely roam the hotel in all our attire for the event – the hospitality from all of the staff was second to none. The bar even made us our own ‘Dammit Jannet’ cocktails!

Be sure to read a full review of the event over at the Time Warp website.

The biggest thanks goes to all of the attendees. Everyone was incredibly warm and welcoming, each and every one of them reminded us just what a special thing the Rocky Horror brand is. What an honour it is for all of us to be working on the official game with such a beautiful bunch of people like you.

We hear from fans every day, and their passion is always astounding. This community is amazing. YOU’RE amazing, and we look forward to meeting new and old faces at all other future real world events that we’re going to attend this year. You’ll find out where we’ll be on Facebook & Twitter first.


We donated a prize pack to Time Warp Fan Club for their raffle during the event, and have an update for our winner Hazel!

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you, we are still waiting for the T-Shirts to arrive back from the printers. We’re really sorry for the delay are are going to include full Beta Access as part of the prizes to make up for this. Unfortunately we didn’t get your email address so we couldn’t tell you personally. The prize will be on its way to you once we have those shirts!

If you know Hazel personally, please let her know and ask her to get in touch via

Until next time…

Aaron, Ella & Oscar x


AaronThe Time Warp Picnic & Raffle Update!
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