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Supporting St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Today I wanted to talk to you about how we are supporting the amazing work of St. Baldrick’s Foundation, the incredible charity that help children with cancer.

It all began when Matty from Rocky Horror South Bay came up with a cunning plan to help support St Baldrick’s Foundation with their charitable work. He knew we were keen to add people from the Rocky Horror community into the game too, so asked if we would be interested in offering this as a reward. It was a no brainer, we instantly said yes.

Here Oscar explains what we are doing to help, how the process will work and how you can get involved with this wonderful charity and even become a character in the game.

By supporting this cause you could also become a character in the game too. Find out even more and get involved on the St Baldrick’s page here:

Don’t dream it, be it.

Aaron x

AaronSupporting St. Baldrick’s Foundation
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