Your Order Has Been Received – Thank You

Hi there,

We wanted to say thanks for backing and supporting us. Your backing and support will allow us to create a wild and untamed thing of a game.

As Rocky Horror fans ourselves, we know exactly what it is to be a Regular Frankie Fan. We are involving members of the cast, gamers, theatre goers, enthusiasts and industry experts from the beginning to make sure the game we build together is an authentic and sensual experience.

#BE_IT ?

We would love it if you lent your voice and told your friends about the project too, even if they can’t back us, their moral support will be invaluable.

We will update you regularly and keep you in the loop, but the whole team is readily available should you need anything or if have any questions.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Oscar, Ella & Aaron

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EllaYour Order Has Been Received – Thank You!