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Supporting SpecialEffect

The Soft Launch Party is approaching, and it is going to be a very special night!
June 6th marks a culmination of nearly 2 years of non-stop effort since we first started to make our homage to Richard O’Briens seminal cult musical. From concepts. Kickstarter. Motion capturing dance moves. The expected highs and lows of the development process. Showing iterations of the game to hundreds. It has been an incredible journey.
We want to celebrate what it has taken to get to this point by inviting industry friends, games & theatre journalists, backer communities and fans for a private viewing. This will be the final version of the game before we go into soft launch.
Today we are also thrilled to share plans to support SpecialEffect as part of this event. The incredible charity that puts fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games.
We are going to dedicate one of the Karaoke rooms to and record (only willing) participants singing songs from the show in order to raise some money.
After the party we will get the internet to vote on three categories:
👍 Best Effort (Not Talent Required) 👍
🎭 Funniest Performance 🎭
🎤 Karaoke Superstar 🎤
Costumes are purely voluntary (but there will be a prizes), and there will be space for people who just want to drink and chat with others who have helped support the project too.
If you can join us that would be astounding! We will make it worth the wait…
AaronSupporting SpecialEffect
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