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Pre-Alpha Development Update: NEW STAGE SETS!

It’s been an incredible few months since we were successfully funded on Kickstarter and were given the opportunity to start working on the official Rocky Horror game. The whole team are still in awe by just how much support we have received from the games industry, cast members, theatre goers, and the many Rocky Horror communities from around the world. We’d like to first publicly thank them.

As the velvet darkness of Halloween’s blackest night is upon us, we knew we had to pull out something special for this day…. So, we are delighted to be pulling back the curtains on the first pre-alpha game development update to show you our brand new stages.

These past 4 months we’ve managed to progress quickly with building the foundations of what we believe to be a truly exceptional Rocky Horror mobile experience. Every care has been taken to ensure what we make is an authentic experience that remains true to the original universe created by Richard O’Brien. We want our game to be familiar, yet innovative and new. It has to look distinctly Rocky, it has to feel distinctly Rocky. We respect the history of the cult classic and understand this is a wild and untamed thing loved by generations.

Just take a look at the beautiful stage sets we have been working on. Each set and prop has been crafted by hand, using inspiration from the original materials used to create the Rocky Horror universe.

The Bedroom

The Freezer

The Freezer

The Lab

The Lab

We have worked with our Community Pioneers and backers in creating these stages, their feedback has been incredible so far. The whole team are really happy with where the stages are at and hope you are too! Do you have any questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you!

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AaronPre-Alpha Development Update: NEW STAGE SETS!
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