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New Frank N. Furter Concept Art REVEALED!

It’s mid-week and things have got REALLY exciting around Rocky HQ lately. This week we continue to flesh out the last of preparations before a full blown return to development. At this stage it’s all about making sure we still have enough budget to cover all the costs, and in particular we have had to replace Terry, our Environment Artist. Unfortunately for us he got a cool full time job – but we forgive him and have found a great bunch of guys who have a track record of making dance games themselves. Good news is we have all but wrapped up the budgets and are ready to set off with the next wave of development.

Part of this period has also been to write up briefs for the remaining concept art for the launch content. This means everything from Frankie’s Lab stage set, to our favourite sweet transvestite’s leather jacket – it’s one of the premium outfits we are planning to release. Oh, and as he will now be available at launch, everyone who backed us at $15 or higher will get that as part of their backing too for FREE!

Here is a little taste of his base character in the T-Pose ready to be turned into a 3D model…



Not going to lie, I had a massive fanboy moment when seeing this for the first time. Just look at him! The tattoo. The smirk. The wrist cuff. Oh boy. I’ll make sure I’m sitting down when I get to see the 3D model. Our backers and the UK cast have given their feedback, they love what we have done. Now we want your feedback on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

We have also completed the art for the Special Edition Digital Wallpaper for all of our lovely backers. They have received this already, but if you back us you can still get it as part of your rewards. We have also produced an additional free wallpaper for everyone who visits It makes any desktop background at least 10 times sexier.

Last but not least, we have heard your demand for badges, tattoos and stickers and are currently working on a plan to get these to even more of you!

Until next time earthlings…

AaronNew Frank N. Furter Concept Art REVEALED!
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