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Backer Rewards Roll Out

So the game is officially going into production! Together we managed to reach over $40,000 so that we could squeeze in Frank N Furter himself for launch. If that wasn’t exciting enough, he is also going to be FREE to backers of $15 or above as part of their beta access rewards – How amazing is that? ?

You’ve done your bit, now we have to do ours by making a great game and giving you your rewards. We’re committed to being as transparent as possible, keeping you updated, and giving our backers the VIP treatment they deserve. Trust us, we will be giving our backers a LOT of special treatment!

Read on to see how we plan to roll out the backer rewards, and what this involves…

We owe you everything for trusting us with the brand and giving your generous support. Myself, Oscar and Ella have loved meeting new Frankie fans and getting them involved with what we are up to. Now the rest of the team are all itching to start working on the game with your involvement too! The next development phase is being planned – Backers at $15 or more will automatically get a deeper involvement (including their special rewards), and can be as involved as much or as little as they’d like.

Backers will receive rewards as soon as they are produced. ?? Some goodies will start shipping as soon as this month and some will get sent a little later. Here’s a quick snapshot of how we plan to roll out some of our backer rewards!

?June 2016?
Exclusive Digital Wallpaper

?July 2016?
Details on how to get involved with the game development process will be sent to backers at $15 or more, that involvement will be ongoing from this point.

?August 2016?
Physical rewards and add ons that are not reliant on the game development process will be shipped (figurines, oven gloves, gold pants, t shirts etc.).

?Late 2016?
Alpha early access rolled out to backers at $100 or more.

?Early 2017?
Beta access rolled out to backers at $15 or more.

?April 2017?
Physical and digital items that are reliant on the game development process will be shipped (the ‘making of’ book etc.).

We’ve said it before, and we’ll (probably) say it again hundreds of times again… this game is for you! Your voice has never been more important, and we urge our backers to be as vocal as possible. If something doesn’t look right, we need to know. If something isn’t fun, we need to know.

You can still lend your support, and get some of the rewards or add ons by backing us on The Official Rocky Horror Show Game Store. For those receiving physical rewards, we’ll also throw in a physical badge and pack of candy lips too – just as a little something to show how much we love you guys.

Until next time earthlings! ?

AaronBacker Rewards Roll Out
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