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Open Beta Update!

Since kicking off the Open Beta, we have been overwhelmed with the support and response from everyone so far. This is a very important stage for us. We want to test many aspects of the game with you and learn from you experience and hands on. Everyone should now have an invite. If you haven’t received one yet, please email so we can invite you straight away.


We are delighted to share our first Open Beta update with an extra special in-game event! Take a look at everything that is new today.

Players will now see the new daily missions ‘Swipe up-left then up-right EXACTLY four times within the first 30 seconds!’ & ‘Do at least 5 double swipe rights during a song!’ missions.

Players will now temporarily earn extra points for Missions during Free Dance

Complete our feedback form before Wednesday 8th March (12:00pm GMT) and you could be chosen at random to win a prize pack!

We have also updated our known bugs and issues page based on tester feedback.
Check it out:

Top secret for now, but by taking part in Open Beta you could be one of the first to own a limited edition enamel pin badge.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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AaronOpen Beta Update!

Pre-Alpha Development Update: NEW STAGE SETS!

It’s been an incredible few months since we were successfully funded on Kickstarter and were given the opportunity to start working on the official Rocky Horror game. The whole team are still in awe by just how much support we have received from the games industry, cast members, theatre goers, and the many Rocky Horror communities from around the world. We’d like to first publicly thank them.

As the velvet darkness of Halloween’s blackest night is upon us, we knew we had to pull out something special for this day…. So, we are delighted to be pulling back the curtains on the first pre-alpha game development update to show you our brand new stages.

These past 4 months we’ve managed to progress quickly with building the foundations of what we believe to be a truly exceptional Rocky Horror mobile experience. Every care has been taken to ensure what we make is an authentic experience that remains true to the original universe created by Richard O’Brien. We want our game to be familiar, yet innovative and new. It has to look distinctly Rocky, it has to feel distinctly Rocky. We respect the history of the cult classic and understand this is a wild and untamed thing loved by generations.

Just take a look at the beautiful stage sets we have been working on. Each set and prop has been crafted by hand, using inspiration from the original materials used to create the Rocky Horror universe.

The Bedroom

The Freezer

The Freezer

The Lab

The Lab

We have worked with our Community Pioneers and backers in creating these stages, their feedback has been incredible so far. The whole team are really happy with where the stages are at and hope you are too! Do you have any questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you!

Make sure keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for regular updates, competitions and more sneak peeks. 🙂

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AaronPre-Alpha Development Update: NEW STAGE SETS!

New Frank N. Furter Concept Art REVEALED!

It’s mid-week and things have got REALLY exciting around Rocky HQ lately. This week we continue to flesh out the last of preparations before a full blown return to development. At this stage it’s all about making sure we still have enough budget to cover all the costs, and in particular we have had to replace Terry, our Environment Artist. Unfortunately for us he got a cool full time job – but we forgive him and have found a great bunch of guys who have a track record of making dance games themselves. Good news is we have all but wrapped up the budgets and are ready to set off with the next wave of development.

Part of this period has also been to write up briefs for the remaining concept art for the launch content. This means everything from Frankie’s Lab stage set, to our favourite sweet transvestite’s leather jacket – it’s one of the premium outfits we are planning to release. Oh, and as he will now be available at launch, everyone who backed us at $15 or higher will get that as part of their backing too for FREE!

Here is a little taste of his base character in the T-Pose ready to be turned into a 3D model…



Not going to lie, I had a massive fanboy moment when seeing this for the first time. Just look at him! The tattoo. The smirk. The wrist cuff. Oh boy. I’ll make sure I’m sitting down when I get to see the 3D model. Our backers and the UK cast have given their feedback, they love what we have done. Now we want your feedback on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

We have also completed the art for the Special Edition Digital Wallpaper for all of our lovely backers. They have received this already, but if you back us you can still get it as part of your rewards. We have also produced an additional free wallpaper for everyone who visits It makes any desktop background at least 10 times sexier.

Last but not least, we have heard your demand for badges, tattoos and stickers and are currently working on a plan to get these to even more of you!

Until next time earthlings…

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AaronNew Frank N. Furter Concept Art REVEALED!

It’s not easy having a good time

It’s been great to have had a little time to relax after the intensity of the Kickstarter campaign. To be honest with my other work I only managed to really start relaxing again this last weekend – that’s how crazy the experience has been.

But now my thoughts return to questions of game design. There is always a delicate balance between simplicity and depth – partly because we need to keep the cost of development to a reasonable level but also because we want the game to be as accessible as possible. The final arbiter has to be ‘fun’. However, even this isn’t always black and white.

What is fun?  How do you know if you have found it?

For us this is two part. First (and most important) is how do people react? Yes it’s as simple as that. Well not quite. People will tell you they enjoy something as they don’t want to make you feel bad – but it’s how they instinctively react which speaks volumes. The second part is experience. As designers we play thousands of games (I think I’ve played tens of thousands in my life) all of which influence your understanding of what can work – or not.

We knew we had something when we saw how people reacted when playing the demo of the game. They laughed. Just look at this video from GDC where I was showing off the game to friends in the industry…

But, occasionally people have asked us if the six main moves are ‘all there is’. This is quite a natural reaction given the way many games work and the fact that we have yet to implement our ‘Props’ and their quick-time dance moves. But it does raise an important question – how can we increase the range of player choice without limiting the playability on a phone screen?

We talked about how props would work during the Kickstarter campaign – they allow you to activate a special move when you create a dance, something like drawing a spiral on the screen. We also talked about why we would make these limited in number so that we create a sense of tension. However, I’ve increasingly been thinking about how to extend the dance moves to allow yet more variation.

At the moment the player swipes on the screen in a direction this will trigger an animation which makes the character, like Riff Raff dance. The specific dance move that we see will be based on the in the direction that the player starts to swipe. These animations are a sequence of moves which blend together to look like a person dancing but we only play them to a halfway stage until the player’s finger is released from the screen.  At that point we triggering the other half of the steps and complete the dance move. That works well but it means that we can only have a limited range of movements (6 directions) for the core dance animations and still be able to play on a phone sized screen.

I’ve been thinking it might be interesting to introduce ‘Half-Move’ steps. That means allowing players to start their swipe moving in one direction; but then switching direction when they complete their move. We would have to create two animations for this… a movement to a half-way position, then a second animation from that point to complete which variation they chose next before releasing their finger. This could have the benefit of increasing the range of dance steps and the how entertaining it is to watch back the recordings; without significantly increasing the complexity of playing.


But this comes at a cost. We would have to look at the best way to add those ‘Half-Move’ animation steps and how to adjust the user interface to accommodate this change of swipe direction. We would also have to integrate scoring systems and capture additional dance steps using motion capture, etc. – all of which takes time and requires more of our budget.

My job as a designer is to work out if the benefits would out-weigh the costs of the extra development work. Would it make dances significantly more interesting to watch; to copy and to create? To be blunt will it deliver enough extra enjoyment that leads to an increase the number of plays and how long people will play? and more than it will increase the costs of adding it as a feature? That’s the real question.

It’s also the reason why we are so glad to have all of you involved in this journey with us. We are going to ask the backer community their opinions and see what reaction we get before we start developing extra feature elements like this. And there is still time to get involved if you haven’t already – go look at the Store section of this site and buy something to help us keep raising money to do ever more with the game.

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Oscar ClarkIt’s not easy having a good time

Win Touch Me Badges!

Today we received our official Touch Me badges in the post!

We are giving a few of you the chance to get your hands on them before the rest of the world does, because who doesn’t love free stuff?

The first edition badge features the original game logo design, and we have more designs in the works, including one exclusive to our backers who are receiving a physical reward!

We also have some other sexy bits of merchandise that we want to make a reality too. While I’m sworn to secrecy, trust me, they’re going to be AMAZING to wear… If these prove as popular as our tees did, you can be sure we’ll be producing even more Rocky goodies for you to get your hands on.

To be in with a chance of winning some Rocky Horror Touch Me badges, simply Like & Retweet THIS TWEET before Monday 27th June.

That’s all there is too it! On Monday 27th June ten winners will be chosen at random and notified via Twitter.

Good luck! Don’t dream it, BE IT. ?

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AaronWin Touch Me Badges!

Backer Rewards Roll Out

So the game is officially going into production! Together we managed to reach over $40,000 so that we could squeeze in Frank N Furter himself for launch. If that wasn’t exciting enough, he is also going to be FREE to backers of $15 or above as part of their beta access rewards – How amazing is that? ?

You’ve done your bit, now we have to do ours by making a great game and giving you your rewards. We’re committed to being as transparent as possible, keeping you updated, and giving our backers the VIP treatment they deserve. Trust us, we will be giving our backers a LOT of special treatment!

Read on to see how we plan to roll out the backer rewards, and what this involves…

We owe you everything for trusting us with the brand and giving your generous support. Myself, Oscar and Ella have loved meeting new Frankie fans and getting them involved with what we are up to. Now the rest of the team are all itching to start working on the game with your involvement too! The next development phase is being planned – Backers at $15 or more will automatically get a deeper involvement (including their special rewards), and can be as involved as much or as little as they’d like.

Backers will receive rewards as soon as they are produced. ?? Some goodies will start shipping as soon as this month and some will get sent a little later. Here’s a quick snapshot of how we plan to roll out some of our backer rewards!

?June 2016?
Exclusive Digital Wallpaper

?July 2016?
Details on how to get involved with the game development process will be sent to backers at $15 or more, that involvement will be ongoing from this point.

?August 2016?
Physical rewards and add ons that are not reliant on the game development process will be shipped (figurines, oven gloves, gold pants, t shirts etc.).

?Late 2016?
Alpha early access rolled out to backers at $100 or more.

?Early 2017?
Beta access rolled out to backers at $15 or more.

?April 2017?
Physical and digital items that are reliant on the game development process will be shipped (the ‘making of’ book etc.).

We’ve said it before, and we’ll (probably) say it again hundreds of times again… this game is for you! Your voice has never been more important, and we urge our backers to be as vocal as possible. If something doesn’t look right, we need to know. If something isn’t fun, we need to know.

You can still lend your support, and get some of the rewards or add ons by backing us on The Official Rocky Horror Show Game Store. For those receiving physical rewards, we’ll also throw in a physical badge and pack of candy lips too – just as a little something to show how much we love you guys.

Until next time earthlings! ?

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AaronBacker Rewards Roll Out

After the storm

Working on the Kickstarter process for The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me has been an incredible ride. Probably the most stress I’ve experienced in my career; but because it mattered more personally than anything else I’ve done. We were very prepared for the process to be difficult and Ella was brilliant in insisting we created a huge amount of content so we could update the page at least once per day with something interesting.

We were also delighted to have brilliant support from the David, Stephanie, Larry and Jim who between them run the largest collection of Rocky Horror fan sites in the world. That support was incredibly important, not just because it meant we could communicate out to the real fans of the show, but also because we had their expert eye to make sure the game we are making would appeal to the audience. On top of that to have the cast of the current tour including Kristian Lavercombe, Dominic Andersen and Richard Meek merrily engaging with us – showing off the Tshirts and stickers we sent off to them during the Kickstarter process definitely helped raise our profile and the awareness amongst the fan community.

Kristian Lavercombe as Riff Raff

We even had huge support from our peers in the game industry, with some brilliant people and teams sharing our tweets, posts and updates as well as putting their own money in to back us. We were also delighted to have the support of Luke and Anya on the Kickstarter team who added us to their ‘Projects we love’ and giving us a feature in their Game section.

However, converting this incredible awareness of the game into actual money going into Kickstarter pledges was proving very difficult. Indeed there was a point about 2 weeks in where we were convinced we would never make the goal and seriously considered cancelling the process entirely. That goodness that our investors told us to stick with it!

We tried to understand what the problem may be. Was it that the game concept wasn’t exciting enough?  Well no. The feedback we have had from everything we have shown off in person or online has been so much more positive than any project we have worked on. Was it that there isn’t enough interest in Rocky Horror? Well clearly given the awareness of the new film, the UK tour and the amazing levels of engagement we were seeing in Social Media that wasn’t the case. Was it Kickstarter? Well perhaps. Kickstarter can be amazing. The Dark Souls Board game which raised over $3.7m in the same time frame as us; but Blackroom, the new shooter game from games industry legends John Carmack and John Romero, was pulled.

As we were coming into the last week we had used almost all of our tricks to tantalise Gamers and Rocky fans alike into giving us their money; but there was one new item we still had to offer. We had been in discussion with Mick Rock, the iconic music photographer who famously captured the definitive images of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones and of course the cast of the 1975 production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Being able to release a limited edition print of an image of Richard O’Brien as Riff Raff was fantastic (I’ve ordered one myself!) However, more importantly the pledges for that level helped push us over the edge.

The Original Riff Raff

We managed to pass the $35k goal and I thought that would be the end of it. We had pushed every friend, contact and fan we could, personally asking them for money. We were exhausted by the process. But then the money kept on coming. So much so we even managed to raise enough to allow us to give something back to our backers – an extra character in the launch package that everyone who backed us for $15 or more. We even let them decide which one and over 60% of the vote when for our sweet transvestite and alien scientist. Frank’N’Furter (of course!).


But its taken us more than a week to recover from the sheer exhaustion of the process. Personally, I’ve only just stopped checking Twitter at 5am! But now we have to get back to the job at hand. Kicking development back into full swing.

There are a lot of things to get ready – first we have to make sure we get peoples rewards out to them. We’ll talk about that process in more detail in another post here on the blog. After that we need to get on with making the game and that means updating our production plans, fulfil our promise to get you (our backers) involved in the design process, work out how to streamline the creation of characters and stage-sets, work to make sure the rest of the Live tracks are mapped to dance timing, etc. As the designer I have a lot of other details I also want to revisit starting deciding if we should keep the current look or adjust it based on the feedback we have; I also want to add a ‘half-move’ to increase the range of expression you can put into your dances and… well the list goes on! But of course we also have to decide if those adjustments are affordable and important enough to make them a priority.

We are going to have a lot to talk to you all about in the coming months!


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Oscar ClarkAfter the storm

Press Release: Come Up to The Lab & See What’s on The Tab

Rocket Lolly Games release early gameplay video; announce plans to take ‘The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me’ To Kickstarter

LONDON; MARCH 24, 2016 – Independent game studio, Rocket Lolly Games LTD, today release their first footage of their upcoming free-to-play game The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me, slated for release in 2017.

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EllaPress Release: Come Up to The Lab & See What’s on The Tab