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Backer Rewards: Update!

Hi everyone,

We wanted to give you an update about where we are at with our backer rewards. We have all been working hard to get the information needed from our backers. While we have got most responses, some didn’t reply and will be getting default options for their rewards. Sadly a few people still haven’t sent us their address either. Please email us if you haven’t sent us your address by email or responded to the Kickstarter survey yet.

As such, the delay in responses meant we are now going to be posting out rewards during October. We understand this is a few months later than originally planned and might cause some disappointments, but we wanted to wait before moving forward (to give everyone a chance) rather than rush out rewards for the sake of it.

Since we last spoke, we have been:

+ Designing rewards – These are all done now, and we’re very excited about how amazing they all look!
+ Creating both types of t-shirts.
+ Designing gold pants.
+ Finishing vinyl cover.
+ Adding magic to the concept art prints.
+ Adding final touches to the poster.

We are are now in the process of placing orders for these items. We are using local suppliers where possible, to support local economy and ensure production is as speedy as possible.

We’ve also been looking at options of how to best produce the character figurines. We have now confirmed that they will be 3D printed. We are finalising designs and poses as we continue to work on the models for the game. Some backers asked to see the poses before they choose which character they want, we will be emailing pictures before we place the orders (sometime in September) so they can pick their favourite(s).

We have also sent invites to all alpha backers and community pioneers to get involved in the first phases of development via the secret group. Thank you to everyone who joined and gave us feedback on key characters so far! We’ll be ramping up the updates in the upcoming weeks and can’t wait to show you the next juicy bit of content. Let me just tell you now, the bedroom looks INCREDIBLE.

If you are a backer who hasn’t got involved yet but wants to, email us on with your details and we’ll take care of you.

Finally, we are all very happy to confirm that the CDsAdd OnsMick Rock Prints have all been completed and are ready to be packaged up with your other goodies.


Launch Party
We still need to fix a date, invites will be sent out before the end of the year and we’ll work with our backers to try and get as much notice as possible. We will aim for a date that works for as many people as possible. Keep your eyes open for your invite if you backed us at that level.

Designing a Game Character
This is an ongoing process where we will be working with the backers in question over the next year.

Making of Book
This will be designed, produced and delivered when the game is complete next year. We want to make sure you get a full picture of development from start to finish!

The good news is the game is still well and truly in production and we are still on target with our dates and deadlines for the alpha, beta and official launch. Beta backers will hear from us early next year about their access. We’ll continue to have development updates over on our secret Facebook group coming soon for our alpha backers and community pioneers, and we will need their feedback again!

Thanks again for your understanding and incredible support.

Until next time…

Ella, Oscar & Aaron x

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AaronBacker Rewards: Update!

New Frank N. Furter Concept Art REVEALED!

It’s mid-week and things have got REALLY exciting around Rocky HQ lately. This week we continue to flesh out the last of preparations before a full blown return to development. At this stage it’s all about making sure we still have enough budget to cover all the costs, and in particular we have had to replace Terry, our Environment Artist. Unfortunately for us he got a cool full time job – but we forgive him and have found a great bunch of guys who have a track record of making dance games themselves. Good news is we have all but wrapped up the budgets and are ready to set off with the next wave of development.

Part of this period has also been to write up briefs for the remaining concept art for the launch content. This means everything from Frankie’s Lab stage set, to our favourite sweet transvestite’s leather jacket – it’s one of the premium outfits we are planning to release. Oh, and as he will now be available at launch, everyone who backed us at $15 or higher will get that as part of their backing too for FREE!

Here is a little taste of his base character in the T-Pose ready to be turned into a 3D model…



Not going to lie, I had a massive fanboy moment when seeing this for the first time. Just look at him! The tattoo. The smirk. The wrist cuff. Oh boy. I’ll make sure I’m sitting down when I get to see the 3D model. Our backers and the UK cast have given their feedback, they love what we have done. Now we want your feedback on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

We have also completed the art for the Special Edition Digital Wallpaper for all of our lovely backers. They have received this already, but if you back us you can still get it as part of your rewards. We have also produced an additional free wallpaper for everyone who visits It makes any desktop background at least 10 times sexier.

Last but not least, we have heard your demand for badges, tattoos and stickers and are currently working on a plan to get these to even more of you!

Until next time earthlings…

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AaronNew Frank N. Furter Concept Art REVEALED!

Fulfilling your backer rewards!

Since the end of the Kickstarter campaign, the team here have been working to start fulfilling your rewards. As I’m managing this process, I wanted to explain the process we’re going through, and the timelines were working with, so that all you wonderful backers know what’s going on!

The first thing we have to go is gather information from each and every one of you about your rewards. Things like t-shirt sizes, which character figurine or concept art you would like, and for those who bought add ons, confirmation what item you would like.

It took us a while to build a very large spreadsheet with all of the information in it, and we are now completing it as we get responses back.

We do need all responses back before we can start placing orders, so please reply to our email BY 15TH JULY if you haven’t already! If we don’t get all responses by then, unfortunately there will be serious delays to the delivery of rewards.

We’ve got several dates for delivery of different rewards:

May/June 2016: Social media shout out & Wall of Backers

Everyone who backed us at $2 or more has had a social media shout out and is listed on our Wall of Backers!

July 2016: Digital wallpaper 

Anyone who backed us at $5 or over will be getting this! Our wonderful illustrator Jay Roerade is designing this as we speak, using assets from the game (I can’t tell you what or it will ruin the surprise!). The wallpaper will be available in various sizes to fit most desktop or laptop screens. You will be sent an email with a link to download the wallpaper from our website very very soon!

August-September 2016: Majority of physical rewards

This is the big one! We need to send you out the following rewards:

  • Custom t-shirts (with quote of your choice)
  • Rocky’s gold pants
  • CDs
  • Backer t-shirts
  • Figurines
  • Concept art framed prints
  • Scrapbook posters
  • Mick Rock framed prints
  • Vinyl with demo tracks

This is a big list of things to get sorted and it’s going to keep us very busy! We need to get all the backer info from your lovely selves…

Then we need to finalise the designs of each item, mainly with the help of Jay Roerade (our illustrator), Nick Galaxy (our character artist) and a wonderful seamstress who is making the gold pants for us!

Once we’ve got the final designs and the info from yourselves, we can finalise the number of each item that we need, contact our suppliers, get final quotes and place the orders. We believe in supporting local business, so where possible our suppliers will all be local to me (Ella), in Plymouth UK.

Then our suppliers need to make the items and deliver them to us, which some some items (e.g. t-shirts) is a simple and quick process, but for others (e.g. figurines) this can take a bit longer and be a bit more complicated!

Once we have them, a very kind friend of mine has volunteered her spare room for us to store the items whilst we get ready to package them up. Then we will get all the packaging materials and with the help of a couple of willing volunteers, we will be packaging up all the rewards for each of you ourselves – in the same friends house!

We will then post them out. Anyone in the US and Canada, your items will be posted in bulk to our partners at Five Leaf Clover Inc in California, who will then post them to you from there. Anyone in UK, EU or anywhere else around the world, you will be sent your rewards by us directly.

We will try our absolute best to keep to our target of August, but the delay in getting responses to our email from all backers has caused some delays already and we are looking at possibly extending into September. We need ALL responses by July 15th or there may be further, more significant, delays.

Between August 2016 – March 2017: Getting involved in the game and it’s development

This is for anyone who backed the following:

  • Community Pioneer
  • Alpha Tester
  • Beta Tester
  • Launch Party Tickets

For anyone who backed us at a tier that gets you involved with the game development itself, we will be confirming anticipated dates for this shortly. Alongside working to get you all your rewards, we have been starting pre-production for the next stage of the development, which amongst other things, means that we are working out when we expect to have the alpha and beta builds ready!

We will also be setting up the secret facebook group, the forum and the processes in which we keep you updated on game progress and get your input for community pioneers/alpha testers.

For those coming to the launch party, dates will be confirmed and invites sent out!

Expect an email from us in August with all of this information.

April 2017: Digital & physical ‘making of’ book

This ‘making of’ book (in either digital or physical form) can’t be made until we have finished the game! Therefore anyone who backed us for this, will receive it once the game is finished, which we anticipate will be around April 2017.  We will keep you updated on this nearer the time.

Thanks for all your support so far!

Ella x

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EllaFulfilling your backer rewards!