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Alpha & Backer Tees Update

Our physical Kickstarter rewards have been rolling out to the UK. It has recently come to our attention that some of our “MADNESS TAKES ITS TOLL” t-shirts reserved for our Kickstarter backers unfortunately contained a printing error. We have since made our printers aware and explored other avenues to produce these. We want to avoid this happening to anything else we produce. As this isn’t the quality we strive to achieve, we are going to reprint these backer shirts and send replacements to those who have a misprinted one. You won’t need to do anything, you’ll automatically receive a new one.

In other news, the whole team have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure we get the strongest beta version we can possibly have.

The game continues to go through it’s regular internal and backer alpha stages with our lovely backers giving great feedback. They’re helping us shape the game’s direction to make sure this wild and untamed beast is something we – and every Rocky Horror fan – can be proud of. We’ve got a huge UI overhaul coming soon and some big news on how you can get involved even more too. We’ve also got another competition in the works, because you can never have too much Rocky Horror Game swag.

I’ve probably said too much, but exciting times ahead for all.

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AaronAlpha & Backer Tees Update

Backer Rewards: November Update


Today we wanted to update you on the status of your physical Kickstarter rewards.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we were unable to hit our target delivery date of November. Expected delivery will now be a month later. While obviously disappointing, we are still happy to confirm our new shipment timeline ensures everyone will still receive their items by the end of December 2016.

Backers (UK): Before 25th December 2016
Backers (Worldwide): Before 31st December 2016

We apologise for any disappointment this may cause. We tried everything to mitigate delays with delivery. This happened due to an unexpected delay in gathering details from backers that were required to proceed with manufacturing. This in turn meant we weren’t able to talk to our suppliers and place orders. In the middle of this we also needed to change one of our suppliers due to time restraints. These situations had a knock on effect with certain specialist items like Rocky’s pants, Vinyls and Mick Rock rewards.

As such, we have also taken the decision to turn Ella’s flat into a storage warehouse to ensure shipment isn’t delayed any further. It is literally a box fort right now.


The whole team are excited to get these rewards into your hands. We can’t wait to see your tweets, pictures and messages in December. In other news, we are excited to confirm that the alpha build is 99.9% complete and ready to be put into the hands of our alpha level backers. More news will be sent out to appropriate backers shortly.

Questions or concerns? Do contact us on, send us a Tweet or drop us a Facebook message.

Thank you for your immense patience, support and understanding.

You guys are freaking awesome.

Aaron, Ella & Oscar x
Rocky Horror HQ


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AaronBacker Rewards: November Update

Pre-Alpha Development Update: NEW STAGE SETS!

It’s been an incredible few months since we were successfully funded on Kickstarter and were given the opportunity to start working on the official Rocky Horror game. The whole team are still in awe by just how much support we have received from the games industry, cast members, theatre goers, and the many Rocky Horror communities from around the world. We’d like to first publicly thank them.

As the velvet darkness of Halloween’s blackest night is upon us, we knew we had to pull out something special for this day…. So, we are delighted to be pulling back the curtains on the first pre-alpha game development update to show you our brand new stages.

These past 4 months we’ve managed to progress quickly with building the foundations of what we believe to be a truly exceptional Rocky Horror mobile experience. Every care has been taken to ensure what we make is an authentic experience that remains true to the original universe created by Richard O’Brien. We want our game to be familiar, yet innovative and new. It has to look distinctly Rocky, it has to feel distinctly Rocky. We respect the history of the cult classic and understand this is a wild and untamed thing loved by generations.

Just take a look at the beautiful stage sets we have been working on. Each set and prop has been crafted by hand, using inspiration from the original materials used to create the Rocky Horror universe.

The Bedroom

The Freezer

The Freezer

The Lab

The Lab

We have worked with our Community Pioneers and backers in creating these stages, their feedback has been incredible so far. The whole team are really happy with where the stages are at and hope you are too! Do you have any questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you!

Make sure keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for regular updates, competitions and more sneak peeks. 🙂

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AaronPre-Alpha Development Update: NEW STAGE SETS!

Emojified Song Competition!

Hi everyone 🙂

We’re holding a competition over on our Twitter page to win a selection of Rocky Horror: Touch Me! merchandise.

We have emojified (this word should totally be in the dictionary) a famous Rocky Horror Show song.

When you’ve worked out which song it is, simply tweet us the answer and RT our post. Done!

Five winners will be chosen at random from all correct entries on Friday 28th October and be notified via direct message. You must also be following @Rocky_TouchMe to qualify.

Good luck!

This competition is being ran and administrated by RocketLolly Games LTD.

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AaronEmojified Song Competition!

The Time Warp Picnic & Raffle Update!

Seems like just yesterday….

No heavy, black, and pendulous storm clouds in sight…

We had the absolute pleasure of attending the tenth Time Warp Picnic at Oakley Court this year, so we wanted to write a quick thank you message!

Firstly thanks to everyone at the Time Warp Fan Club for making it such a memorable and wonderful occasion. Steph and David were wonderful hosts!

We also would like to thank Oakley Court for letting us freely roam the hotel in all our attire for the event – the hospitality from all of the staff was second to none. The bar even made us our own ‘Dammit Jannet’ cocktails!

Be sure to read a full review of the event over at the Time Warp website.

The biggest thanks goes to all of the attendees. Everyone was incredibly warm and welcoming, each and every one of them reminded us just what a special thing the Rocky Horror brand is. What an honour it is for all of us to be working on the official game with such a beautiful bunch of people like you.

We hear from fans every day, and their passion is always astounding. This community is amazing. YOU’RE amazing, and we look forward to meeting new and old faces at all other future real world events that we’re going to attend this year. You’ll find out where we’ll be on Facebook & Twitter first.


We donated a prize pack to Time Warp Fan Club for their raffle during the event, and have an update for our winner Hazel!

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you, we are still waiting for the T-Shirts to arrive back from the printers. We’re really sorry for the delay are are going to include full Beta Access as part of the prizes to make up for this. Unfortunately we didn’t get your email address so we couldn’t tell you personally. The prize will be on its way to you once we have those shirts!

If you know Hazel personally, please let her know and ask her to get in touch via

Until next time…

Aaron, Ella & Oscar x


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AaronThe Time Warp Picnic & Raffle Update!

Backer Rewards: Update!

Hi everyone,

We wanted to give you an update about where we are at with our backer rewards. We have all been working hard to get the information needed from our backers. While we have got most responses, some didn’t reply and will be getting default options for their rewards. Sadly a few people still haven’t sent us their address either. Please email us if you haven’t sent us your address by email or responded to the Kickstarter survey yet.

As such, the delay in responses meant we are now going to be posting out rewards during October. We understand this is a few months later than originally planned and might cause some disappointments, but we wanted to wait before moving forward (to give everyone a chance) rather than rush out rewards for the sake of it.

Since we last spoke, we have been:

+ Designing rewards – These are all done now, and we’re very excited about how amazing they all look!
+ Creating both types of t-shirts.
+ Designing gold pants.
+ Finishing vinyl cover.
+ Adding magic to the concept art prints.
+ Adding final touches to the poster.

We are are now in the process of placing orders for these items. We are using local suppliers where possible, to support local economy and ensure production is as speedy as possible.

We’ve also been looking at options of how to best produce the character figurines. We have now confirmed that they will be 3D printed. We are finalising designs and poses as we continue to work on the models for the game. Some backers asked to see the poses before they choose which character they want, we will be emailing pictures before we place the orders (sometime in September) so they can pick their favourite(s).

We have also sent invites to all alpha backers and community pioneers to get involved in the first phases of development via the secret group. Thank you to everyone who joined and gave us feedback on key characters so far! We’ll be ramping up the updates in the upcoming weeks and can’t wait to show you the next juicy bit of content. Let me just tell you now, the bedroom looks INCREDIBLE.

If you are a backer who hasn’t got involved yet but wants to, email us on with your details and we’ll take care of you.

Finally, we are all very happy to confirm that the CDsAdd OnsMick Rock Prints have all been completed and are ready to be packaged up with your other goodies.


Launch Party
We still need to fix a date, invites will be sent out before the end of the year and we’ll work with our backers to try and get as much notice as possible. We will aim for a date that works for as many people as possible. Keep your eyes open for your invite if you backed us at that level.

Designing a Game Character
This is an ongoing process where we will be working with the backers in question over the next year.

Making of Book
This will be designed, produced and delivered when the game is complete next year. We want to make sure you get a full picture of development from start to finish!

The good news is the game is still well and truly in production and we are still on target with our dates and deadlines for the alpha, beta and official launch. Beta backers will hear from us early next year about their access. We’ll continue to have development updates over on our secret Facebook group coming soon for our alpha backers and community pioneers, and we will need their feedback again!

Thanks again for your understanding and incredible support.

Until next time…

Ella, Oscar & Aaron x

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AaronBacker Rewards: Update!

Does Anyone Know How To Madison?

One of the best things about making a game about Rocky is that it gives me the excuse to think about how we create the different dances.Lets face it what would a dancing game be without the ability to animate your character.


This is no easy feat however, there are two basic approaches to animating dances:

Rag Doll: This is where you literally control the direction of the limbs as if they were puppets and allow the player to move them around at a whim. Which is funny and quite fun; but the dances aren’t usually convincing and it unfortunately stops being rewarding in the longer term as a game. However, the real problem is that the dances don’t look particularly convincing.

Animation Blending: Where we have a number of predefined animations and your interactions affect the way the character blends between those states. This looks really good, but can becomes quite limited in terms of the sense of personal involvement.

We decided a long time ago that the game would have to be based on the idea of Animation Blends; not least because of my experience watching what people playing Playstation Home managed to pull off with the combination of set dances and individual gestures; something which worked out a lot better than we had expected. However, this leaves us with a problem – how do we make the dances feel individual to the player. This was one of the problems that came to light when we showed off our initial prototype to people. There was some degree of interpretation but this needed more.

So talking to Nick the animator we cam up with a plan to increase the emergent experience. First we will have two idle states, rather than one. This is the basic movement that say Riff Raff or Janet does between your moves. Its how we hope to help you keep in mind the beat as well. So now there will be a low energy movement and a high-energy movement.  That means that the more rapidly you make moves the more active the dancer will be and this will slow down during the dance. The other thing we want to experiment with is allowing players to change their mind to get different movements out of the character. So lets say you start moving top left this kicks off an initial movement to take the say Brad’s right arm up to his right; but then you switch curving the line you draw down. We want this to then blend between those animation states to show something unique. We don’t know if this will work – that’s why we will experiment ;0)

That still means we have to spend a lot of time thinking about each of the potential dance moves so that we can we sure that we can recreate all the great songs, not least The Timewarp! Thats harder than you might think – give the way that our control system works to enable the game to still work on smaller phones screens. Last week I spent time with Nick and Ruby to work that out and make sure we had everything planned out for using existing canned animations where we can; and what we will have to capture using MoCap in a couple of weeks time.

Until next time here are some still from our time in Ruby’s dance studio…




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Oscar ClarkDoes Anyone Know How To Madison?

A Musical Interlude


Oh What A Night… Last night (Monday 8th) Ella and I managed to sneak out way into the London Production of another Richard O’Brien Musical, The Stripper.  As some of you may have noticed we ran a competition for the production company of the show to help promote it and they were kind enough to give us a tickets – I even got to take my family with me.

The setting was perfect, they built the stageset directly in the bar, making it feel like we were in the Club Extravaganza itself, it was a seductive experience and it was only through careful observation that we noticed some of the people milling around the bar whilst the band played were wearing microphones, subtly placed.


Suddenly the lights go out, and a spotlight is focused on Lt. Al Wheeler (Sebastian Torkia) our iconic gum shoe who introduces us to a piece of classic pulp noir by Carter Brown (aka. Alan Geoffrey Yates). The tongue is firmly in the cheek, but the mystery remains sleazy but compelling. The songs are timeless, even if the sexual politics remain firmly in the time the play is set. However, that blatant, almost carry-on style, naughtiness acted as a perfect counter-point to the criminal context; making the whole thing hilarious. There is a self-knowing quality to the way that Torkia seduced the crowd (which was particularly hilarious when it was focused on Ella – who couldn’t stop laughing!) or when Gloria Onitiri, as the titular stripper Deadpan Delores Keller, decided to find a new way to use my hat…

Centre Sebastian Torkia ©Alastair Muir 11.07.16 The Stripper 158

The whole cast are supremely talented, switching flawlessly between multiple characters – there are only 5 of them playing 12 roles with Marc Peckering, Hannah Glover and Michael Steedon completing Benji Sperring’s cast. Sperring also directed last years smash version of Rocky (s)equal, Shock Treatment (which O’Brien also co-wrote with Richard Hartley).

It was a great moment in our journey making The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me to be able to get a taste of another Richard O’Brien classic


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Oscar ClarkA Musical Interlude

New Frank N. Furter Concept Art REVEALED!

It’s mid-week and things have got REALLY exciting around Rocky HQ lately. This week we continue to flesh out the last of preparations before a full blown return to development. At this stage it’s all about making sure we still have enough budget to cover all the costs, and in particular we have had to replace Terry, our Environment Artist. Unfortunately for us he got a cool full time job – but we forgive him and have found a great bunch of guys who have a track record of making dance games themselves. Good news is we have all but wrapped up the budgets and are ready to set off with the next wave of development.

Part of this period has also been to write up briefs for the remaining concept art for the launch content. This means everything from Frankie’s Lab stage set, to our favourite sweet transvestite’s leather jacket – it’s one of the premium outfits we are planning to release. Oh, and as he will now be available at launch, everyone who backed us at $15 or higher will get that as part of their backing too for FREE!

Here is a little taste of his base character in the T-Pose ready to be turned into a 3D model…



Not going to lie, I had a massive fanboy moment when seeing this for the first time. Just look at him! The tattoo. The smirk. The wrist cuff. Oh boy. I’ll make sure I’m sitting down when I get to see the 3D model. Our backers and the UK cast have given their feedback, they love what we have done. Now we want your feedback on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

We have also completed the art for the Special Edition Digital Wallpaper for all of our lovely backers. They have received this already, but if you back us you can still get it as part of your rewards. We have also produced an additional free wallpaper for everyone who visits It makes any desktop background at least 10 times sexier.

Last but not least, we have heard your demand for badges, tattoos and stickers and are currently working on a plan to get these to even more of you!

Until next time earthlings…

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AaronNew Frank N. Furter Concept Art REVEALED!

Win VIP Tickets To The Stripper Musical!

Today we excited to announce that we are teaming up with The Stripper – A Musical Whodunnit to offer you some incredible prizes.

This new musical is bought to you by the Rocky Horror Show creators, including our very own Richard O’Brien himself. We need to say no more. We just know you guys will love this timeless, sexy masterpiece as much as we do here at Rocky HQ!

The year 1961, the place Pine City, California and some broad is threatening to throw herself off the top of the fanciest hotel in town. There’s trouble brewing and Lieutenant Al Wheeler wants answers. First stop, Club Extravaganza where we meet delectable Deadpan Dolores. Her name says it all… she’s not shy, but what is she hiding?

As Wheeler is thrust into a sleazy underworld of strip-joints and lost lonely hearts, the truth isn’t the only thing he uncovers. Based on Carter Brown‘s beloved pulp fiction story, with music and lyrics by Richard Hartley and Richard O’Brien, the writers of cult favourite The Rocky Horror Show. Brought to you by the creative team behind Shock Treatment and The Toxic Avenger. Club Extravaganza takes residence in the Studio for six weeks.

Cast includes Gloria Onitiri (The Bodyguard, The Lion King) Sebastien Torkia (Top Hat, La Cage Aux FollesSaturday Night Fever) Hannah Grover (The Toxic Avenger, Ghost the Musical, Mamma Mia), Marc Pickering (The Toxic Avenger,Aladdin, The Elephant Man) and Michael Steedon (Hairspray, A Chorus Line).



We are offering you the chance to win the ultimate prize pack full of The Stripper Musical and Rocky Horror Touch Me goodies. The prize includes tickets to the show with a special meet and greet with the cast themselves. You’ll also receive a signed poster, a Rocky Horror Touch Me! tee and swag including our brand new tattoos that have never been given out before! Our lucky winners will be chosen on Wednesday and notified via Twitter.

+ Two VIP The Stripper Tickets (inc. Meet & Greet with the cast)
+ Exclusive Signed Official The Stripper Poster

+ Limited Edition Rocky Horror Touch Me Tee
+ Limited Edition Rocky Horror Touch Me Tattoos, Stickers & Badges

+ Exclusive Discounted Tickets

+ Limited Edition Rocky Horror Touch Me Tattoos, Stickers & Badges

To enter, simply like & retweet the following tweet HERE


T&Cs Apply. Tickets valid for shows between 1-13th August at any chosen time. Travel and accommodation not included. 1 winner will be chosen and random from all entrants and must confirm they’ll be available between 1-13th August. If unable to confirm their availability then another winner will be chosen. 10 winners will be chosen at random to receive runner up prizes. This competition is being managed by Rocket Lolly Games in conjunction with St. James Theatre.

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AaronWin VIP Tickets To The Stripper Musical!