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Backer Rewards: Update!

Hi everyone,

We wanted to give you an update about where we are at with our backer rewards. We have all been working hard to get the information needed from our backers. While we have got most responses, some didn’t reply and will be getting default options for their rewards. Sadly a few people still haven’t sent us their address either. Please email us if you haven’t sent us your address by email or responded to the Kickstarter survey yet.

As such, the delay in responses meant we are now going to be posting out rewards during October. We understand this is a few months later than originally planned and might cause some disappointments, but we wanted to wait before moving forward (to give everyone a chance) rather than rush out rewards for the sake of it.

Since we last spoke, we have been:

+ Designing rewards – These are all done now, and we’re very excited about how amazing they all look!
+ Creating both types of t-shirts.
+ Designing gold pants.
+ Finishing vinyl cover.
+ Adding magic to the concept art prints.
+ Adding final touches to the poster.

We are are now in the process of placing orders for these items. We are using local suppliers where possible, to support local economy and ensure production is as speedy as possible.

We’ve also been looking at options of how to best produce the character figurines. We have now confirmed that they will be 3D printed. We are finalising designs and poses as we continue to work on the models for the game. Some backers asked to see the poses before they choose which character they want, we will be emailing pictures before we place the orders (sometime in September) so they can pick their favourite(s).

We have also sent invites to all alpha backers and community pioneers to get involved in the first phases of development via the secret group. Thank you to everyone who joined and gave us feedback on key characters so far! We’ll be ramping up the updates in the upcoming weeks and can’t wait to show you the next juicy bit of content. Let me just tell you now, the bedroom looks INCREDIBLE.

If you are a backer who hasn’t got involved yet but wants to, email us on with your details and we’ll take care of you.

Finally, we are all very happy to confirm that the CDsAdd OnsMick Rock Prints have all been completed and are ready to be packaged up with your other goodies.


Launch Party
We still need to fix a date, invites will be sent out before the end of the year and we’ll work with our backers to try and get as much notice as possible. We will aim for a date that works for as many people as possible. Keep your eyes open for your invite if you backed us at that level.

Designing a Game Character
This is an ongoing process where we will be working with the backers in question over the next year.

Making of Book
This will be designed, produced and delivered when the game is complete next year. We want to make sure you get a full picture of development from start to finish!

The good news is the game is still well and truly in production and we are still on target with our dates and deadlines for the alpha, beta and official launch. Beta backers will hear from us early next year about their access. We’ll continue to have development updates over on our secret Facebook group coming soon for our alpha backers and community pioneers, and we will need their feedback again!

Thanks again for your understanding and incredible support.

Until next time…

Ella, Oscar & Aaron x

AaronBacker Rewards: Update!
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