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Backer Rewards: November Update


Today we wanted to update you on the status of your physical Kickstarter rewards.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we were unable to hit our target delivery date of November. Expected delivery will now be a month later. While obviously disappointing, we are still happy to confirm our new shipment timeline ensures everyone will still receive their items by the end of December 2016.

Backers (UK): Before 25th December 2016
Backers (Worldwide): Before 31st December 2016

We apologise for any disappointment this may cause. We tried everything to mitigate delays with delivery. This happened due to an unexpected delay in gathering details from backers that were required to proceed with manufacturing. This in turn meant we weren’t able to talk to our suppliers and place orders. In the middle of this we also needed to change one of our suppliers due to time restraints. These situations had a knock on effect with certain specialist items like Rocky’s pants, Vinyls and Mick Rock rewards.

As such, we have also taken the decision to turn Ella’s flat into a storage warehouse to ensure shipment isn’t delayed any further. It is literally a box fort right now.


The whole team are excited to get these rewards into your hands. We can’t wait to see your tweets, pictures and messages in December. In other news, we are excited to confirm that the alpha build is 99.9% complete and ready to be put into the hands of our alpha level backers. More news will be sent out to appropriate backers shortly.

Questions or concerns? Do contact us on, send us a Tweet or drop us a Facebook message.

Thank you for your immense patience, support and understanding.

You guys are freaking awesome.

Aaron, Ella & Oscar x
Rocky Horror HQ


AaronBacker Rewards: November Update
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