Oscar Clark

Well That Was A Year…

Hey all So I know we have been a bit quiet lately so we thought we needed to come back to you. Over the first half of the year we were gearing up for our soft-launch in June, which we managed to acheive! BUT! that’s when the hard work started.  Going into soft launch we

Today is one for the vaults…

Exactly a year ago we completed our Kickstarter Campaign and got to properly start working on our beautiful creature. Its been a long road and we have hit a number of roadbumps along the way… but today on this anniversary we are testing our release candidate build. – and its all thanks to All of You!! The

Does Anyone Know How To Madison?

One of the best things about making a game about Rocky is that it gives me the excuse to think about how we create the different dances.Lets face it what would a dancing game be without the ability to animate your character. This is no easy feat however, there are two basic approaches to animating

A Musical Interlude

Oh What A Night… Last night (Monday 8th) Ella and I managed to sneak out way into the London Production of another Richard O’Brien Musical, The Stripper.  As some of you may have noticed we ran a competition for the production company of the show to help promote it and they were kind enough to give

Another week in paradise

Despite the sweltering weather here in the UK work at Castle Transylvania doesn’t cease.  You faithful handifolks have been hard at work preparing the next development stage for the game and making sure that everything fits into place. Last week we were at the highlight of the UK games industry calendar, Develop Conference, in Brighton.

It’s not easy having a good time

It’s been great to have had a little time to relax after the intensity of the Kickstarter campaign. To be honest with my other work I only managed to really start relaxing again this last weekend – that’s how crazy the experience has been. But now my thoughts return to questions of game design. There is

After the storm

Working on the Kickstarter process for The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me has been an incredible ride. Probably the most stress I’ve experienced in my career; but because it mattered more personally than anything else I’ve done. We were very prepared for the process to be difficult and Ella was brilliant in insisting we created a