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Are YOU Ready For The Floor Show?

For the past couple of weeks we have continued working with our backers to keep testing, tinkering and tweaking the current build ready for our invite only open beta stages. Now we have a couple of new updates to share with you….


It’s almost time to unveil this wild and untamed beast to a select number of participants with our open beta! We hope you will join us!

This will be our first chance to completely test the social aspects of the game. Our Backers have been incredibly supportive and helped us with their invaluable feedback so far. We’ll continue to keep them involved in the process along with new selected testers. We true need fans of Rocky Horror who will give us their honest feedback and spend time testing every nook of the game. Where are certain testing limitations, we do plan to incorporate daily challenges, weekly competitions, regular updates, feedback sessions and chances for you to win some shiny new goodies too.

Want to get involved? Simply email and request an invite either for iOS or Android.

Invites will be sent to a select number of people on Wednesday 22nd Feb.


Due to an unforeseen printing error with certain rewards, a small number of backers required replacement items. As such, backers located outside the UK had their rewards held back while our fulfilment team rectified this for those small number of people. Shipping will proceed in the next week or two. Those with misprinted items who are located in the UK and already received their packages will receive a replacement automatically.

Thanks again for your incredible support, we couldn’t have done this without you!

AaronAre YOU Ready For The Floor Show?
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