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Another week in paradise

Despite the sweltering weather here in the UK work at Castle Transylvania doesn’t cease.  You faithful handifolks have been hard at work preparing the next development stage for the game and making sure that everything fits into place.

Last week we were at the highlight of the UK games industry calendar, Develop Conference, in Brighton. This was a great chance to catch up in person with so many of the great teams making amazing in the UK right now. And for many of the team to meet up in person too. In particular it gave me time to spend with Nat, our UX genius. We have had a lot of feedback about the way the user interface works and although its kinda ok when you know what you are doing – its takes too much explanation. So we have decided to take a really hard look at how it works and change things for the better. We don’t know what this will look like yet, but we know we want to focus more on the character and less on the lines around them. Nat is looking into all kinds of options and we will share them with those people who backed us on Kickstarter at the right tier soon. We need you guys to help us make sure we make the right choices.

The main topic of this week has been to look into animations. We want to create a real sense of emergent dance from the way you swipe on the screen and I’ve been talking to Nick, our incredible Animator and Simon, our Tech Director to find ways to blend between different animations so that we get a much more fluid experience that feels created by you.  This includes ideas to change to the way the automatic dancing between moves works which we think we allow you to play about with the ‘energy’ of the dancer making the whole thing much more interesting to watch as well as try to replicate.

Next week we will try to finalise all the budgets for the next build and allow us to see more of the concept art come to life. We are also going to start looking at how we can get you backers involved and suggest some dates where we can start getting your input on our design choices.

Thanks to all for sticking with us – we know we have that spark to make this game great!


Oscar ClarkAnother week in paradise
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