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Alpha & Backer Tees Update

Our physical Kickstarter rewards have been rolling out to the UK. It has recently come to our attention that some of our “MADNESS TAKES ITS TOLL” t-shirts reserved for our Kickstarter backers unfortunately contained a printing error. We have since made our printers aware and explored other avenues to produce these. We want to avoid this happening to anything else we produce. As this isn’t the quality we strive to achieve, we are going to reprint these backer shirts and send replacements to those who have a misprinted one. You won’t need to do anything, you’ll automatically receive a new one.

In other news, the whole team have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure we get the strongest beta version we can possibly have.

The game continues to go through it’s regular internal and backer alpha stages with our lovely backers giving great feedback. They’re helping us shape the game’s direction to make sure this wild and untamed beast is something we – and every Rocky Horror fan – can be proud of. We’ve got a huge UI overhaul coming soon and some big news on how you can get involved even more too. We’ve also got another competition in the works, because you can never have too much Rocky Horror Game swag.

I’ve probably said too much, but exciting times ahead for all.

AaronAlpha & Backer Tees Update
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