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The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me is a dance game with a tantalizing twist on the rhythm action experience.

Using the tactile pleasure of a touch screen, players will be able to feel the movements of their character by making gestures to make them move.

  • It’s just a swipe to the left to start creating your own dance routines using your favorite characters and Rocky Horror songs
  • If you want something visual, share your dances with friends, for them to replicate or even improve and beat you at your own dance!
  • Unlock beautiful creatures, outfits, stage sets, songs and more from the show
  • Complete missions and challenges and win achievements for your unique dances
  • With content released regularly, there will always be something new to excite you!

The game is free to play and will be available on mobile and tablet, with iOS and Android versions.


Mobile and tablet platformsThe game is currently confirmed for mobile and tablet, so will be available on iOS and Android via the iOS App Store, Amazon Marketplace and Google Play.


Central to the joy of The Rocky Horror Show is the amazing audience participation experience. We want to bring that sensation into our game through the creative and social experience of creating your own dance routines and sharing them with friends.


Let’s Do The Timewarp Again 

You start out with Riff Raff as your character on the stage set of a Hunting Lodge For Rich Weirdos (Yah Rich Weirdos!) with the music to that all time classic song, the Timewarp!

The first time you play, the game will show you how; then you can get started on creating your own dance routines…

*Screen Captured From a PC – Pre-Alpha Footage

*Screen Captured From a PC – Pre-Alpha Footage

it’s just a jump to the left

You dance by swiping on the screen in time with the music. You use various gestures including diagonal swipes to execute standard dance moves, and other gestures to execute special dance moves – for example a double finger swipes horizontally across the screen to make the pelvic thrust… which really drives you insane. And if you mess up too often, your character may fall over!

*Filmed by hand from an iPad – Pre-Alpha Footage

*Filmed by hand from an iPad – Pre-Alpha Footage

*Filmed by hand from an iPad – Pre-Alpha Footage

You can use props to execute special dance moves…

And a step to the right 

You will earn points for every dance you do. Those points fill up the biomechanical, audio vibratory rewards machine and, once it is full, you can throw open the switches on the sonic oscillator… and step up the reactor power three more points… which will dispense a new random reward.

As the game is free to play, we will offer for-purchase ways to more quickly unlock our range of unique characters, outfits, dance moves, songs, props and much much more…

*Concept Art Mockup

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