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The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me has been designed to tap into the creative, naughty, social experience which will introduce the spirit of Rocky Horror to newbies to the show, as well as giving three generations of Regular Frankie Fans that much needed shiver of antici…

*Screen Captured From a PC – Pre-Alpha Footage

*Screen Captured From a PC – Pre-Alpha Footage


The game will offer a unique take on a rhythm action dancing game by making the most of the touch screen found on tablet and mobile devices; designed to feel sensuous and delightful. Players will be able to create their own dance routines, allowing them to express themselves, and then share that with friends to replicate or even improve.

Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me starts out with Riff Raff as your avatar on the stage set of a Hunting Lodge for Rich Weirdos (Yah, Rich Weirdos!), swiping on the screen in time with the music to that all time classic song, The Time Warp! Players ‘dance’ by swiping on the screen with diagonal strokes in time with the music; switching to other gestures at key moments such as double finger swipes to make the pelvic thrust… a move which really drives you insane.

You will then progress through the game, unlocking new songs, characters, dance moves, stage sets and more; with missions, challenges and achievements to keep the game exciting time and time again.

The game is to be released on mobile and tablet platforms in 2017. It is being developed in collaboration with Andy Leighton, music and games producer of The Rocky Horror Show since it began in the 70’s.

During April-May 2016, The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me was launched as a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, where it exceeded it’s goal and raised $39, 656 from 315 backers, who will now be involved in the development of the game, as well as receiving amazing rewards.

But don’t worry – you can still support the game! Visit our store to check out our selection of rewards that we offer for supporting us.